The Binary Signals Review

It has been a while since I have run any live forward tests on the website. Perhaps too long. The last time I looked around the market for good Binary signals it seemed that there were a rapidly increasing number of services coming onto the market.

The reason for the growth in signals is somewhat obvious. It is a big money spinner and let’s be honest, binary options are fairly easy to come up with strategies for.

The secret to making money is of course finding a strategy that can offer a sustainable win rate. This is not always easy to do.

The Binary Signals

Anyone who has done their research into binary options will no doubt know that around the 55% mark tends to be the break-even point. Therefore you are going to need to hit a strike rate in excess of this to make money and cover any associated subscription costs.

It is against this backdrop that I am taking a look a the ‘ The Binary Signals‘. This is a newly launched alert service for binary options traders that quotes a 72% strike rate.

The service follows a familiar format to the Up Down Binary Signals service. Alerts are sent on a variety of different assets and at different times throughout the day. Although potentially a subscriber may receive an alert on almost any asset, in practice it looks like most are served up on currency pairs.

Delivery of the alerts is provided by both SMS and email to the contact details that you enter on the sign-up form.

Of note the website is clean and well laid out compared to many of its peers. All trade results are easily accessible for potential traders to view and even those who have not used binary options trading signals before should be able to grasp what is going on.

Historical Performance

The results of the last ten signals are highlighted on the homepage of the website. At the time of writing the review, 2 signals had been sent for the day. 8 signals were sent the previous day .

Of these 10 signals, eight were shown as ‘winning’ while two had ‘lost’.

binary options trading signals results

This only gives a snapshot of performance.  However the service provides a full list of historical results which can be viewed on the website.

Historical results go back as far as mid February and provide a better indication of how many signals will be received. March for example, saw a total of 20 signals sent over the month.

It is from these results that the quoted 72% strike rate is derived. This is perhaps a little lower than some of the signal providers I have reviewed in the past.

However what is very clear from my testing experience with previous alerts services, is that being able to reliably ‘get in’ on the signals is more important than the quoted performance.

In short you you need to test the signals for yourself. Don’t just rely upon the favorable performance figures provided on the website.


There is no surprise in terms of the pricing structure. Signals come in at $97 per month. This makes this service pretty standard in terms of cost when compared to other similar services currently available.

However… and to my mind this is a big negative…  you can’t try the signals out like with other services. There is no one week trial offered as many other providers do.

While you can get the signals for a reduced  rate (advertised for $9.99)  you have to sign up with one of the brokers on the site to quality.

Personally I’m not a fan of this approach. Firstly you are going to end up getting steered into opening an account with a broker that you probably wouldn’t have entertained in the first place.

Secondly your $9.99 signals have now cost you $209 once you taken the minimum broker deposit requirements into account.

Live Testing

I intend to start placing and recording signals for this service from Monday April 15th and run the signals for one full month to see how they perform.

Anyone who has previously followed any of the live testing run on this site will be aware of the format.

All signals are placed in a live trading account when received. The actual results I get from trading the signals are then updated the following day. This helps to provide a ‘real world’ perspective on what can be achieved from following the alerts. It also provides a good way to measure the potential for building profits when using the service.


Live Trading Record
Date Asset Direction Level Placed My Result
15/04/13 * See update below
16/04/13 * See update below
17/04/13 NO TRADES
18/04/13 USD/JPY CALL 98.334 Yes Win
18/04/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.30875 Yes Loss
18/04/13 AUD/USD PUT 1.03158 Yes Loss
19/04/13 NZD/USD PUT 0.8447 Yes Win
19/04/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.30789 Yes Win
22/04/13 AUD/USD CALL 1.02845 No
22/04/13 USD/JPY CALL 99.269 Yes Win
22/04/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.30267 Yes Win
22/04/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.30496 Yes Loss
23/04/13 AUD/USD PUT 1.30807 No
23/04/13 AUD/USD PUT 1.02571 Yes Win
24/04/13  AUD/USD  CALL 1.02428  No   –
 24/04/13  AUD/USD PUT 1.02705 Yes Win
25/04/13 Silver CALL 23.1924 Yes Win
25/04/13 Gold PUT 1447.87 Yes Win
25/04/13 Oil CALL 91.4100 Yes Win
26/04/13 USD/JPY CALL 98.583 Yes Win
26/04/13 AUD/USD PUT 1.02831 Yes Win
29/04/13 USD/JPY PUT 97.719 No
29/04/13 Oil PUT 93.2750 Yes Loss
29/04/13 GBP/USD CALL 1.55027 Yes Win
29/04/13 GBP/USD CALL 1.54904 Yes Loss
29/04/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.30823 Yes Loss
29/04/13 AUD/USD CALL 1.03431 No Loss
30/04/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.31681 No Win
30/04/13 AUD/USD CALL 1.0335 Yes Win
30/04/13 USD/JPY PUT 97.553 Yes Loss
30/04/13 EUR/JPY PUT 128.064 Yes Loss
30/04/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.31570 No
30/04/13 DOW CALL 14779 Yes Win
30/04/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.31681 No
01/05/13 GBP/USD CALL 1.55269 Yes Win
01/05/13 USD/JPY PUT 97.56 No
01/05/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.31965 Yes Win
01/05/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.32118 Yes Lost
01/05/13 AUD/USD CALL 1.03195 No
01/05/13 AUD/USD CALL 1.03033 Yes Loss
01/05/13 USD/JPY CALL 97.155 Yes Win
01/05/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.31973 No
01/05/13 AUD/USD CALL 1.02862 Yes Win
01/05/13 USD/JPY CALL 97.211 Yes Loss
01/05/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.32113 Yes Win
02/05/13 EUR/JPY PUT 128.115 No
02/05/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.31604 No
02/05/13 AUD/USD PUT 1.02387 Yes Loss
02/05/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.31621 No
03/05/13 **SEE BELOW
06/05/13 USD/JPY PUT 99.199 Yes Loss
06/05/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.31058 No
06/05/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.31040 Yes Loss
06/05/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.3144 Yes Win
06/05/13 USD/JPY PUT 99.137 Yes Loss
06/05/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.31129 Yes Loss
06/05/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.30620 Yes Win
07/05/13 AUD/USD CALL 1.01843 No
07/05/13 GOLD PUT 1462.213 Yes Loss
07/05/13 EUR/JPY PUT 129.841 Yes Loss
07/05/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.31023 Yes Loss
07/05/13 AUD/USD PUT 1.01604 Yes Loss
07/05/13 USD/CAD CALL 1.00521 Yes Win
07/05/13 GBP/USD CALL 1.55262 Yes Loss
07/05/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.30933 Yes Win
07/05/13 USD/CHF PUT 0.94201 Yes Win
07/05/13 USD/CHF PUT 0.94148 No
08/05/13 AUD/USD CALL 1.01830 Yes Win
08/05/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.31273 Yes Win
08/05/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.31235 Yes Loss
08/05/13 USD/CAD CALL 1.00395 Yes Win
08/05/13 USD/CAD CALL 1.00406 Yes Win
08/05/13 GBP/USD CALL 1.55753 Yes Loss
08/05/13 EUR/GBP PUT 0.84465 Yes Win
08/05/13 USD/JPY PUT 98.734 Yes Loss
08/05/13 EUR/USD CALL 1.31388 No
08/05/13 EUR/USD PUT 1.31383 Yes Win
08/05/13 EUR/JPY PUT 130.114 Yes Win
08/05/13 USD/CAD CALL 1.00252 Yes Win
08/05/13 USD/JPY PUT 99.347 No
08/05/13 Google CALL 873.2981 No

Service Update

A quick update on the service so far and a couple of points to mention.

Firstly the first two days of the service saw no trading – I’m not quite sure what the error was but an email to support seemed to get things up and running.  I think there was a slight problem their end with delivery as everything was set-up OK my end (email, SMS number etc).  Not an ideal start but a good test for their support which I must say was thorough and quick to respond.

As for the signals themselves it is encouraging at this stage. At lot are very short term however and you will need a broker offering quarter hour expiry times.

My main criticism so far is the timing of some of the signals. They are sent GMT but to be honest, sending me a signal at 02:00 GMT is really not great for me…I’m asleep at that time! So far three signals have fallen into this ‘out of hours’ category. Now of course it will depend as to where in the world you are trading from as to which signals you can take or end up missing.

So far so good and watch out for my next update as the live Binary Signals testing progresses…

(** Bizarrely I woke up in the morning to find 8 trade alerts on my mobile which had been sent overnight! I’m not quite sure what happened there but needless to say I wasn’t able to place them… :-/ Also three trades were placed on a Sunday lunchtime on Tadawul and the Tel Aviv 25. Again these weren’t placed).

The Binary Signals Review – Final Update

Having tested this binary options signal service out for three weeks and due to the fact that I am unable to place the signals next week, I am drawing my live forwarding testing to a close.

Overall the performance for the service over the three weeks stands as follows –

  • 33 wins
  • 25 Lost
  • 29 couldn’t place (including 8 sent overnight and three on a Sunday)

Looking at the numbers above I think the figures start to speak for themselves. Over 100 trades were sent in a three week period! For traders that like to ‘get involved’ with their trading then this is clearly going to satisfy these urges.

However far from achieving the high published strike rate, the actual performance was less than spectacular. This in part could be down to the alerts that I was unable to take. If you can’t get in on all the signals then you can’t expect the same performance.

For me, the high volume of trades simply meant a lot of work for little in terms of results. However I would suggest that you may benefit from trying the service yourself. If you have better luck at getting in on the positions that I missed, the sheer volume of opportunities could provide you with profits.

The Binary Signals Review Verdict

  • Clearly laid out website – tradeer know what is offered
  • Good performance – 72% strike rate
  • No introductory trial period
  • Alerts aren’t sent at a set time each day